The 5 Biggest Myths of Learning Piano - I Don't Have The Time

Unfortunately the technology of the classic film, The Matrix, hasn't being realised as yet (come on science!) so we can’t instantly download the ability to fly a helicopter, or play the piano...

But by streaming the video lessons of my online piano course you are in effect 'downloading' the knowledge into your brain... it just isn’t quite instant yet and that's a big problem for those of us who are spare-time-challenged.

It does take a commitment, there’s no way around that. But with a piano course that is carefully compressed into easy bite-sized chunks you can fit the lessons around your schedule. Do as little or as much as you are able. Watch a 2-minute lesson on your coffee break and practice the concept quickly on a piano app on your phone - then practice it more fully when you get home to your piano. Or, sit at your piano and bang out a few lessons in one go when you have a spare half hour, it’s up to you! What is most important is that you set yourself realistic goals each week and each month so that you can continue to build on your progress and not let it fade away into obscurity.

Doing a little often is the best way to keep something in the forefront of your mind and make real, tangible progress.

There is certainly something to be said for a scheduled lesson every week. It requires a level of commitment –especially when you are paying a lot of money for that lesson and you are required to travel to and from said lesson– but as much as there are benefits of the regimented structure of going to a private teacher, it's not for everyone. Being unable to dedicate a 2-3 hour block the same time each week should not stop you from learning the piano.

Though your progress with Piano Picnic will be most noticeable if you can commit to 3-4 lessons and practice sessions each week, let's be real - it's just not always possible. So for those sorts of weeks you can rest assured that each lesson is here waiting for you, when you are ready.

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