want to learn to play piano?

Don't commit to lessons until you know what to expect!

This FREE mini-course tells you straight the challenges you will face as a beginner pianist and how to handle them.


obstacle 1: struggling With Time

How to find the time to practise and what your practise should consist of for maximum progress and minimum stress.


obstacle 2: Lack Of A Piano

This sounds like a deal breaker, no? But it's not. I'll tell you how to begin learning piano without actually owning one and how to work toward owning one without a big fuss.


obstacle 3: scared of Theory 

Everyone dreads the theory monster. That is until they start to understand it! I'll explain how learning theory is not something to fear, but to embrace.

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obstacle 4: Fed Up With Fingers

Our minds want to be a pianist, but our fingers seem reluctant. This is something every pianist faces: dexterity and independence issues. I'll show you how to work through it, and exercises to help improve those digits.

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obstacle 5: "I'm Just Not Cut Out For It" 

...said every beginner pianist ever! This obstacle will come up and you're going to whack it with a big "NO! I'm AWESOME!" because you're ready and waiting for that sucker and you've got a support crew here to back you up.

  • recognise each OBSTACLE

  • gain tools to defeat them


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