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"I've been playing piano for a while but would like to explore new ideas, expand my skills and reach the next level!"


I know how it is, when you're starting out on the piano you just want to get your hands on as many resources as possible to make learning that much easier. Here are a bunch of resources from Piano Picnic designed to help you along your piano journey. And the best part? They're all FREE!

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The piano picnic official youtube channel - finger food

This YouTube channel features free-to-view videos including finger exercises, wrist warm-ups, how to sit at the piano, song cover performances and tutorials as well as sneak previews into the some of the course content.

facebook community - let's talk piano

This Facebook group is a place to absorb, inspire and discuss all things piano. It is hosted by Ruth Power of Piano Picnic. The group is open to anyone interested in the black & white striped beast (pianoforte or keyboard), regardless of whether you sign up to any of our courses.

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If you would like to stay up to date with everything that is happening with Piano Picnic including new free content, workshop announcements and new course launches this is the place to do it. 

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Piano Picnic was created to bring together the theory, technique and skill needed to learn piano in a way that doesnโ€™t overwhelm the student.

Mindful of peopleโ€™s busy lifestyles and digital-influenced attention spans, the course focuses on serving lessons as short, slick videos with an average length of just two minutes.

Along with ease of use and convenience, Ruth imbues the course with a passion for the instrument and the benefits of playing the piano for self-expression and therapeutic outlet.

Ruth Power is a lifelong pianist and piano-music enthusiast from New Zealand. After studying classical piano throughout her youth, Ruth obtained her music degree and embarked on a career in publishing: first, as a developer of the highly successful 'Rocket Piano' (teaching 90,000 students worldwide); then in London, as music and education editor for Europeโ€™s largest sheet-music publisher, Music Sales Group. There she created some of the most widely-used resources for piano and voice.

Though she was often found playing in a band or solo project, it was the UK-formed, piano-led โ€˜Death In Texasโ€™ that gained notoriety in the London scene and critical acclaim for the 2014 album โ€˜Pause Between Breathsโ€™.

Ruth now lives in New Zealand with her drummer/engineer husband, Kane, who takes care of the audio and filming side of Piano Picnic.


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Piano Picnic is officially based in Raglan, New Zealand. If you are interested in lessons within the Raglan area or via Skype video check out this page for more info and to book, or get in touch below!

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