New & Improved Ear Bootcamp Launched!

5 Days to a better musical ear.png

I’ve spruced up the ear bootcamp, 5 Days To A Better Musical Ear:

  • It’s got properly filmed videos (no more live feed cut-outs, that was SO stressful!)

  • A downloadable workbook to help you through each assignment!

  • Special online hub area so you don’t have to go to a different place every day for each video!

  • New songs to dissect & observe!

  • BONUS song tutorial to learn the main riff of each featured song!

  • New bold & bright look!

And as always… it’s utterly free. 

While you’re in this little corner of the internet called Piano Picnic, I want to invite you to try it out first!

Register here >>

If you’ve participated previously, don’t worry - I’ve made it so you can sign up again and start from the start.

So the gates are open, sign up now for free! You won’t regret it!