INSPIRE! Pop Piano Program 

  • x4 intensive 45-minute private sessions

  • at your house, on your piano

  • For ages 8+

🤘 Designed for those with 1+ years of piano lessons under their belt (or the 'Super Basics' course), this will Inspire, Engage, Supercharge and Empower young pianists with the skills to begin learning songs by ear, to improvise and to compose.

🤘 This is taught through listening, singing, body percussion, movement, and use of technology with songs they know and love.

🤘 More intensive & specialised than your usual piano lessons, the skills taught in this program will help to create well-rounded musicians and prepare them for playing in a band, writing their own songs and learning songs by ear.

*Age & experience negotiable. This program can be tailored for the individual simply get in touch to discuss.


Take-home assets include: 

☑️ practice backing tracks
☑️ videos of each lesson to keep
☑️ audio recording of final song performance
☑️ 'cheatsheet' of all concepts learned.

Contact me to discuss or make a booking below.