x10 goal schedule.jpg

weekly goal planner

If you're struggling to think of small attainable goals to set for 2018, try using the x10 rule! It's easy! Just pick a genre or composer and commit to learning a new song or part of a song that fits the theme each week for 10 weeks! By the end of the year you will have explored 10 songs for 5 different genres or composers!

You don't need to learn the entire song in a week. Just make a commitment to listen to it a few times, think about the piano/keyboard part, and have a go at learning some of the main riffs by ear.

Decided on your first x10 genre/theme/composer? Research a list of songs ahead of time and plot them out on the planner, or if you want to choose songs as you go simply plot out "Song #1", "Song #2" in the planner to remind you when to move on.